Now that you have successfully enrol as a SP student, what is next?

Here are some matters that you should take note before you start class in April/October.

From mid February/September 

(For All Students)

Vaccination Status - Declare here after you are enrolled and matriculated.

Note: You will need to log in using your SP iChat email and password when your SPICE account is ready.

From end February/mid September

(For International Students only)

Apply for Student's Pass at Student's Pass Online Application & Registration (SOLAR)

Visit Student's Pass Application Process to find out more.

From mid March

Notebook PC - All students will need to own a notebook PC during their study in SP. For more details, visit the Notebook PC Corner.

From early April/October

Diploma Student Concession Card Application - Visit here for more details.

Freshman Orientation

(Week of 11 April 2022)

(not applicable to students enrolled in Semester 2)

Freshman Orientation  

Visit http://life.hzzs.org/our-events/freshman-orientation-programme/ for materials on home-based learning (HBL).



From early April/October


Student Class -  Check your allocated class at

 Enquire Student Class.

1 week before term commencementClass Timetable - Check your class timetable at eServices/e-Resources > Academic > Student Class Timetable
After Matriculation

(For International Students)

Accommodation Matters - There are some apartments on campus for rental. Click here for more details.

1 week before term commencement

(For Singapore Permanent Residents and International Students only) 

The briefing slides will be sent to your iChat email on 19 April 2022.

The online application (http://tgonline.moe.gov.sg) will open from 22 April 2022 to 29 April 2022. Application for Semester 2 will start in late October.