Q: Are Guests Invited to the 毕业 Ceremony?

每位毕业生最多可邀请两名嘉宾参加在SP会议中心(SPCC)举行的毕业典礼。. Invitation cards will be enclosed in the graduand's 毕业 Package, which will be mailed to them about one-and-a-half weeks before the event.


Please note that admission into the SPCC is strictly by invitation card only. Guests can also watch the graduation proceedings via live streaming.


客人不会被告知座位号,可以按照迎宾员的指示坐在相应区域. Seating will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: Do I have to check in to SafeEntry when I enter SP?


Other SafeEntry check-in modes, such as using phone’s camera, SingPass Mobile or other QR code reader apps, or using NRIC/FIN and other photo IDs, 不被接受.

Q: Can i remain on campus after my 毕业 Ceremony ends?




In order to attend graduation, 所有未接种疫苗的毕业生须在学院入口处出示有效的自我注射抗原快速测试(ART)阴性结果证明(确认电邮).  An ART result is valid for 7 days from the date of submission inclusive.  体检不合格或在过去180天内从COVID-19康复的未接种疫苗的学生将免于常规抗逆转录病毒治疗.  Submit your ART result 在这里:  提交结果. 在提交, 确认邮件将发送到您的ichat邮箱,您将使用该邮件作为进入毕业课程的证明.

To ensure  the health and safety of our graduates, 在整个毕业典礼期间,将遵守以下措施:

  • SafeEntry via the TraceTogether Token or mobile application
  • Designated entrances to the SP Convention Centre  

  • Graduates must be seated at their assigned seats only
  • Masks must be worn at all times including photo taking

  • 将部署安全距离大使,以确保遵守安全管理措施.

    Q: Can I attend the 毕业 Ceremony if I am unwell?



    身体不适的毕业生, or have any respiratory symptoms (such as fever, 咳嗽, sore throat or running nose) should seek medical advice and stay at home. Please do not come to campus.




    The health and safety of our graduands and staff remain our top priority. 我们只会在现行SMM安全的情况下举行实体毕业典礼. Any cancellations would be communicated prior to the ceremony.  Do check your emails and the 毕业的网页 定期更新.




    Q: I have been enlisted into National Service (NS). Can I still attend the 毕业 Ceremony?

    Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) are informed of the graduation dates, 他们尽最大努力安排新学员放一天假参加毕业典礼.  然而, 家长和毕业生应注意,关于海军士兵是否将从营地释放参加毕业典礼的最终决定由国防部决定.  国民警卫队士兵的释放视乎服役的紧急情况及各部队的训练时间表而定.  Approval will be given based on the unit's training requirements and practice.  凡有意出席毕业典礼,并需要附于毕业礼内的自荐信*,以便在入伍后向所属单位主任申请休假的国民警卫队队员,均可在此申请 注册 their graduation attendance by the stipulated deadline. 
    *求职信只会寄给已表示将出席毕业典礼的毕业生.  The letter will be sent together with your admission ticket, 在毕业典礼开始前一周半左右寄往你的通讯地址. 
    Please note that NS men are expected to follow the dress code for the ceremony.  SP's graduation gown should not be worn over any army uniform.  海军士兵被要求尽早从营地释放,以便回家换上适合参加毕业典礼的毕业礼服,并获得部队指挥官的批准.  否则,将需要安排将您的便服带到SP,以便您在校园里更换.


    毕业生可以去 SP网站电子服务 > 毕业 > View Prizes & 从2022年4月4日起颁发的奖项,以确定他们是否会获得优秀文凭(DWM), and if they have been awarded any prize(s).  我们将于四月底*向所有得奖者发出正式贺信. 

    Q: What is a certification letter and how do I request for one?

    认证信是SP的正式信件,寄给“相关人员”.  它证明你已经成功完成了你的学习课程,你将在五月的毕业典礼上收到你的文凭卷和成绩单.  The letter does not contain any exam grades.  You can print your cert letter through SP website 电子商务.

    Q: Can I obtain my Diploma and Academic Transcript before the 毕业 Ceremony?

    No.  所有毕业生只可于毕业典礼当日领取毕业证卷及成绩单.  作为临时解决方案, 毕业生可申请证明书,以支持他们申请继续深造或就业.


    是的.  Graduands may apply for another set of academic transcript at a charge of $10.70 per set (inclusive of GST).  For more details on how to apply for a transcript, please click 在这里.


    No.  Your diploma scroll and academic transcript will 不 be posted to your home address.  请点击 在这里 为了了解更多.


    请点击 在这里 为了了解更多.

    When will I receive my Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Statement?

    所有拥有CCA声明的毕业生将在6月内通过邮件收到声明.  To ensure successful delivery of the CCA documents, please update your latest mailing address by 4 April 2022.  Please note that if your mailing address is an overseas address, t在这里 may be some delays in receiving your documents.

    If you have any queries on your non-receipt of your CCA documents after June 2022, please contact the 一站式服务中心 at 6775 1133 or email contactus@hzzs.org

    Q: When will I receive the graduation package?

    该包裹将在毕业典礼前1周半左右邮寄到您的通信地址.  请注意,此包裹只会寄给已表示将出席毕业典礼的毕业生.

    Q: Can I watch the graduation proceedings if I cannot attend graduation?

    You may watch the live streaming at http://www.hzzs.org/graduation2022 在仪式上. 

    The archived webcasts will be available after one working day at http://www.hzzs.org/sp/about-sp/why-sp/vibrant-student-life/events/sp-students/graduation-21/gallery

    Q: Can I request for a change in date for my graduation?

    No.  毕业生必须参加根据课程安排分配给他们的课程.

    Q: How can I order my graduation photos?

    As you leave the stage, a login ID and password will be handed to you.  You will need the information to place orders for your photos online. 

    请点击 在这里 欲了解更多信息.

    Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions about graduation matters?

    你可于办公时间内致电67751133与客户关系组职员联络.  Alternatively, you may e-mail us at contactus@hzzs.org.