Each graduand will be able to invite up to two (2) guests to attend the ceremony held at the SP Convention Centre (SPCC). 邀请卡将附在毕业生的毕业礼包里, 会在活动前一周半左右寄给他们吗.


请注意,只有邀请函才能进入SPCC. 嘉宾还可以通过直播观看毕业典礼.


Guests will not be given any seat numbers and may be seated in the areas as directed by the ushers. 座位将以先到先得的方式安排.


All persons entering SP’s premises must check-in to SafeEntry through either scanning their TraceTogether Token or via  the QR code using the TraceTogether App on their smartphone.

SafeEntry的其他签到模式,比如使用手机的摄像头, SingPass Mobile或其他二维码阅读器应用程序, 或使用NRIC/FIN及其他有照片的身份证, will not be accepted.


You are required to leave the campus immediately at the end of your graduation ceremony.


Q: What are the COVID-19 Safe Management Measures (SMM) during the Graduation Ceremony?

为了参加毕业典礼, all unvaccinated graduands will be required to produce proof (acknowledgement email) of a valid negative self-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) result at the SPCC entrance.  ART结果在提交日期起7天内有效,包括提交日期.  Unvaccinated students who are medically ineligible or have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days will be exempted from the regular ART regime.  在这里提交您的ART结果:  Submit result. Upon submission, an acknowledgement email will be sent to your ichat email which you will use as proof for entry to your graduation session.

确保毕业生的健康和安全, the following measures will be observed throughout the duration of the Graduation Ceremony:

  • SafeEntry通过TraceTogether令牌或移动应用程序
  • SP会议中心的指定入口  

  • 毕业生只能坐在指定的座位上
  • 全程必须佩戴口罩,包括拍照

  • Safe distancing ambassadors will be deployed to ensure Safe Management Measures are observed.




    身体不适的毕业生, 或有任何呼吸道症状(如发烧), cough, 喉咙痛或流鼻涕)应求医,并留在家中. 请不要来校园.



    Q: Would the Graduation Ceremony proceed as planned in the event that the community transmission rates were to increase in the period leading up to the Graduation Ceremony?

    毕业生和员工的健康和安全仍然是我们的首要任务. We will only conduct physical Graduation Ceremony provided it is safe to do so with the prevailing SMM in place. 任何取消将在仪式前通知.  检查你的电子邮件和 graduation webpage regularly for updates.




    问:我已经加入了国家服务(NS). 我还能参加毕业典礼吗?

    国防部(MINDEF)被告知毕业日期, they try their best to arrange for recruits to be released for part of the day to attend the Graduation Ceremony.  However, parents and graduands should note that the final decision as to whether NS men will be released from camp to attend the Graduation Ceremony lies with MINDEF.  The release of NS men is subject to exigencies of service and to the training schedules of units.  批准将根据单位的培训要求和实践.  NS men who wish to attend the Graduation Ceremony and who need the cover letter* enclosed in the Graduation Package to apply for time-off from their unit's Officer after their enlistment are therefore strongly advised to register 他们的毕业出席规定的期限. 
    *The cover letter will only be sent to graduands who have indicated that they will be attending the graduation ceremony.  这封信将与你的准考证一起寄出, to your correspondence address about 1½ weeks before the start of the Graduation Ceremony. 
    请注意,国家科学院的男士们需要遵循仪式的着装要求.  SP的毕业礼服不能穿在任何军装外面.  NS men are urged to seek approval from their unit commanders to be released from camp early enough for them to go home to change into their proper graduation gown for the ceremony.  Otherwise arrangements will need to be made for your civilian clothes to be brought to SP for you to change on campus.

    Q: When and how will I know whether I have been awarded the Diploma with Merit and/or prize(s)?

    Graduands may go to SP website e-Services > Graduation > View Prizes & Awards with effect from 4 April 2022 to find out whether they will be graduating with a Diploma with Merit (DWM), 以及他们是否曾获颁任何奖项.  An official congratulatory letter will be sent to all award recipients in late April*. 
    *Graduands who need proof to show that they have been awarded DWM are advised to print the page while waiting for the official congratulatory letter from SP.


    The certification letter is an official letter from SP, addressed to "To Whom It May Concern".  It certifies that you have successfully completed your course of study and that you will be receiving your diploma scroll and transcript at the Graduation Ceremony in May.  信中不包含任何考试成绩.  您可以通过SP网站打印您的证书 e-Services.


    No.  All graduands can only collect their diploma scroll and academic transcript at their respective Graduation Ceremony session.  As an interim solution, graduands may apply for a certification letter to support their applications for further studies or employment.

    Q: Can I apply for an extra set of Academic Transcript before the Graduation Ceremony?

    Yes.  毕业生可申请另一套成绩单,费用为10美元.每套70英镑(包括商品税).  有关如何申请成绩单的详情,请点击 here.

    Q: Will my Diploma and Academic Transcript be posted to my home if I am unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony?

    No.  你的文凭卷和学术成绩单会 NOT 邮寄到你的家庭住址.  Please click here to find out more.

    Q: How do I collect my Diploma and Academic Transcript if I am unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony?

    Please click here to find out more.


    All graduands who have a CCA Statement will receive it through the mail within the month of June.  确保CCA文件的顺利交付, 请于2022年4月4日前更新你的最新邮寄地址.  请注意,如果您的邮寄地址是海外地址, 收到你的文件可能会有一些延迟.

    如果您对在2022年6月之后未收到CCA文件有任何疑问, 请致电67751133或电邮contactus@sp与一站式中心联络.edu.sg


    The package will be mailed to your correspondence address about 1½ weeks before the Graduation Ceremony.  Please note that the package will only be sent to graduands who have indicated that they will be attending the Graduation Ceremony.


    你可以在。观看直播 http://www.hzzs.org/graduation2022 during the ceremony. 

    存档的网络广播将于一个工作日后提供 http://www.hzzs.org/sp/about-sp/why-sp/vibrant-student-life/events/sp-students/graduation-21/gallery


    No.  Graduands must attend the session that they have been allocated to as you have been scheduled based on your course.


    当你离开舞台时,一个登录ID和密码将会交给你.  您将需要这些信息,以便在网上订购您的照片. 

    Please click here for more information.


    You may contact the Customer Relation Unit (CRU) staff during office hours at 6775 1133.  或者,你也可以发电子邮件给我们 contactus@hzzs.org.